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  • 微IP名称: Ultra-High Accuracy Bandgap Reference in 130 nm (VBRS1000NT130)
  • 微IP编号: 33071260
  • 微IP种类: Analog μIP
  • 硬体描述语言: Verilog Behavioral Model
  • 保固: 否
  • 仿真工具: Cadence NC-Verilog
  • 仿真工具版本:
  • 设计型式: GDS & Schematic
  • GDSII在晶圆厂合并: 否
  • 会员编号:2022490000500561
  • 卖家评价:
  • 参与评价总人数:有0人

1. 概述:

ACCUREF™ Bandgap Reference (Silicon-proven 40 nm, low-power, low-noise, ultra-precise single-digit mV accuracy, no external components required)

ACCUREF™ Voltage and Current References: This series of low-power, low-noise IP cores generates a precise, adjustable reference voltage with single-digit millivolt (mV) accuracy over a wide temperature range without external components. With their unique design that improves upon current products by allowing the systems to operate with ultra-low levels of power consumption without sacrificing accuracy or noise performance, our family of ACCUREF™ voltage and current reference IP cores support a broad range of industry applications with improved efficiency and remarkable area savings overall.

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6. 工艺:

130 nm

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