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Oscillator - RC22MHz 参考报价 无资料 22 MHz 180 nm  
The RC_OSC22M is a low power consumption internal Resistor/Capacitor oscillator with trimming operating frequency.  This OSC needs input Bandgap reference voltage to maintain stable operating frequency and decrease power supply effects.  The RC-oscillator cell is useful for applications that require an oscillator that utilizes non-external components and has a relaxed frequency tolerance.  An enable / disable mode is provided to disable the oscillator.  When the oscillator is in the disable mode, the output (CLK22M) goes to a logic level low.  It is processed using SMIC’s 0.35μm logic process with an operating supply voltage range of 2.0V ~ 5.5V and a junction temperature range of -40˚ ~ 125˚C. 概述
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