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  • 微IP名称: 10-bit 165 MSPS ADC IP in 28 nm
  • 微IP编号: 809744
  • 微IP种类: Analog μIP
  • 硬体描述语言: Verilog Behavioral Model
  • 保固: 是
  • 仿真工具: Cadence NC-Verilog
  • 仿真工具版本:
  • 设计型式: GDS
  • GDSII在晶圆厂合并: 否
  • 会员编号:9120889000900143
  • 卖家评价:
  • 参与评价总人数:有0人

1. 概述:

UIP_ADC10_165M_809744 is an ultra-compact and very low power analog-to-digital converter (ADC) silicon IP. The 10-bit 165 MSPS ADC includes an internal custom bandgap voltage reference. It is capable of supplying bias currents to other parallel ADCs.


The ADC uses fully differential pipeline architecture with custom low-disturbance digital correction technique which allows single supply bus for both digital and analog. The ADC is designed for high dynamic performance for input frequencies up to Nyquist. This makes the IP perfectly suitable for video, imaging and communication appliances.


The IP is available in different metal options as well as deep N-well (DNW) option for SoC with high level of substrate noise. It consumes only 12mW at 165 MSPS operation and requires silicon area of 0.07 mm2. The IP does not require any external decoupling and is ideal for integration in mixed-signal systems. The output data of ADC is available in 2’s complement format.


UIP_ADC10_165M_809744 can be used in the following applications:


‧Digital imaging
‧Wireless LAN
‧Rx communication channel

2. 售价:

80000 点

允许多个授权 :

   - 2 ~ 5 个授权的折扣数:50 %
   - 6 ~ 10 个授权的折扣数:60 %
   - 大于 10 个授权的折扣数:70 %

3. 试用价:

4000 点

4. 工作频率:

165 MHz

5. 面积:

70 K μm^2

6. 工艺:

28 nm

7. 版本: