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10-Bit 165 MSPS ADC in TSMC110nm 参考报价 210.000 μm^2 165 MHz 110 nm  
MIC_ADC10 is compact and low power 10-bit analog-to-digital converter silicon IP. This ADC uses 1.5b/stage pipelined architecture and it is optimized for low power Figure 1. BLOCK DIAGRAM and small area. 概述
Triple 10-bit 330 MSPS Video DAC IP in TSMC 90 nm 参考报价 330.000 μm^2 330 MHz 90 nm  
is a 10-bit Triple DAC designed in TSMC 90 nm logic process. It consists of a current steering DAC. The DAC uses a fully differential architecture. The input data of the DAC is in 1.2 V, in unsigned format. 概述
MIPI M-PHY Gear 4 IP in TSMC 12nm FFC 参考报价 无资料 11 GHz 12 nm  
MIPI M-PHY Gear 4 IP is compliant with the latest MIPI. Alliance M-PHY v4.1 Specification, UniPro v1.8 Specification, and Universal Flash Storage (UFS) v3.0 Specification. A serial interface technology with high bandwidth capabilities and supports HS Gear4 rates up to 11.6Gbps, which is particularly developed for mobile applications to obtain low pin count combined with very good power efficiency. The MIPI M-PHY Gear 4 IP compliant to the RMMI interface which allows UniPro controller and UFS Controller. 概述
12-Bit 320MSPS IQ DAC in IBM SOI 180nm 参考报价 254.000 K μm^2 320 MHz 180 nm  
MIC_DAC12X2 is compact and low power 12-bit digital-to-analog converter silicon IP in IBM 180nm SOI process. It features two channel current steering DAC. 概述
14-Bit 1MSPS DAC in GSMC110nm 参考报价 75.000 K μm^2 1 MHz 110 nm  
MIC_DAC14 is compact and low power 14-bit digital-to-analog converter silicon IP. It features wide range input supply voltage from 1.7V to 5.6V. Its single-end output ranges from 0.1 to 0.9 of supply voltage. 概述
300 mA Capless LDO in 180 nm (VLDS0300RNM180) 参考报价 无资料 无资料 180 nm  
Noise Quencher® Capless LDO (Silicon-proven 180 nm, 300 mA, excellent supply noise rejection and fast settling) Noise Quencher® LDOs: This series of low-power, fully-integrated low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators uses our patented Noise Quencher® Technology to provide best-in-class dynamic performance and noise rejection. The IP cores are unconditionally stable across a wide range of load currents and load capacitances and also do not require external components, thus saving package pins and valuable PC board space. These LDOs are optimized for stand-alone power management integrated circuit (PMIC) ASSPs and other analog and digital applications. 概述
14-Bit 3 MSPS ADC in GSMC110nm 参考报价 322.000 K μm^2 3 MHz 110 nm  
MCR_GS110_ADC14 is compact and low power 14-bit analog-to-digital converter silicon IP. It has 20 single-end input channel selection multiplexer or 10 differential input channels selection. This ADC uses fully differential SAR architecture optimized for low The ADC is designed for high dynamic performance for input frequencies up to Nyquist rate. 概述
300 mA Capless LDO in 130 nm (VLDS0300LS130) 参考报价 无资料 无资料 130 nm  
Power Quencher® Capless LDO (Silicon-proven 130 nm, 300 mA, excellent quiescent current and load transient regulation) The Power Quencher® series of fully-integrated low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators operates with ultra-low levels of power consumption without sacrificing other areas of performance. They achieve a low-noise output voltage and do not require the external output capacitor that is typically needed in an LDO for loop stability and noise reduction. This saves component count, board space and cost, and improves overall system reliability. The Power Quencher® LDO voltage regulator IP cores are optimized for integration into Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) or Systems-on-a-Chip (SoCs), including radio frequency (RF), wireless, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. 概述
High Speed CAN Transceiver 参考报价 无资料 1 MHz 无资料  
The MX102 is the interface between the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol controller and the physical bus. It is primarily intended for high speed applications, up to 1 Mbps, in passenger cars. The device provides differential transmit capability to the bus and differential receive capability to the CAN controller. The MX102 also features a very low current standby mode with remote wake up capability via the bus. 概述
400 mA Buck DC-DC Converter in 110 nm (VBKS0400T110) 参考报价 无资料 无资料 110 nm  
Buck DC-DC Converter (Silicon-proven 110 nm, 400mA, excellent efficiency) The VBKS0400T110 IP core is a Buck DC-DC switching converter that delivers up to 400 mA of load current. It includes voltage, current and clock references, power-on-reset circuitry, overcurrent protection, a temperature sensor and ESD protection. Soft-start circuitry prevents high currents during start-up, and soft-stop circuitry provides a controlled shut-down sequence during a sudden shut down or fault detection. 概述
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